Anti-Racism for Seminarians

[Posted with permission from UUA Credentialing Office]

Over the last few weeks, a small group including Josh Pawelek, Hope Johnson,
Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley, Nancy Palmer-Jones, Tracey Robinson-Harris, Diane
Martin, Taquiena Boston and myself has been collaborating to address an
increasing trend that I and others have observed sitting in with the
Ministerial Fellowship Committee. As the Committee has been placing greater
emphasis upon the need for all ministerial candidates to be capable of acting
as change agents to address anti-racism, anti-oppression and multiculturalism
in UU congregations and the surrounding community, the Committee
often requires candidates to get further training, and specifically do
within a UU context. This particular requirement may seem like a
easy contingency to address, but in practice, a number of candidates
are finding this to be an unexpected challenge.

During this year’s
Professional Days, starting Monday evening, June 19th, and picking up again
the following afternoon on Tuesday, June 20th (concurrent with Professional
Days workshops) an anti-racism, anti-oppression and multiculturalism training
will be offered for all ministerial candidates. This training will be
structured to meet MFC contingencies and MFC competency requirements related
to anti-racism, anti-oppression and multiculturalism training in a UU

At the moment, still in the planning stages, we are interested
in learning what kinds of topics and/or concerns would be of interest?
What are the gaps left untended in seminary that this training might

If you are interested in attending, please contact me


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