New Anti-Racism Blog

UUA’s Skinner House will be publishing a new book that’s working title is: Journey From Calgary: An Unfinished Dialogue, a history of the UUA’s efforts to become an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, multicultural institution by Rev. Leslie Takahashi-Morris and Dr. Leon Spencer and Chip Roush.  Leslie and Leon were both involved in the UUA’s Journey Toward Wholeness initiative in many capacties on the district and national level. Chip Roush is is a theological student and active UU.

They will be presenting the outline of the forthcoming book at the upcoming mid-size congregations conference in Phoenix March 2-5 – see

They have a blog where they discuss the book and the issues they are addressing – see


10 responses to “New Anti-Racism Blog

  1. Isn’t it problematic that the Journey from Calgary blog hasn’t been updated in six months?

    That suggests not only that it isn’t new but that it isn’t live.

  2. Chip is Rev. Chip now, and serving as the interim MRE at Countryside in Palatine, IL. He also blogs at “The Yes Church.”

    While the “Journey” blog isn’t very active, the book project certainly is.

  3. Mark Rosenkranz

    I wrote a book on racism. called “White Male Privilege.” It is a study of racism 40 years after the voting rights act. The UK Amazon has a synopsis of the book.

  4. Mark Rosenkranz

    It was suggested for me to say has a synopsis of “White Male Privilege.”

  5. 1st of African Americans are by far the dumbest race on earth. They commit petty stupid crimes. Where ever there are a group of black ppl or a black residential, there is always a crime waiting to happen, that area is unsafe and ghetto. If you lived in a decent community, if 2-5 black family resided there, i bet the property value goes down. I have a house in a good community and a black family moved across the street, surely enough 2 months later there were cops cars and the target was that house. Is this a coincedence? I think not. They cant speak proper english. Most mutlimillionares professional athelets are stupid enough that despide making Millions and Millions of $$ they still manage to be broke once they are done playing. If I were to live near a ghetto or close to black ppl i would hide my money in BOOKs… coz NIgaz dont read!!…. They just like to “KEEP IT REAL”…yeah real DUMB. Huricane Kartrina was terrible… those ppl were told to evacuate and leave but did they?? no… instead u see those dumba$$es stealing big screen tvs… WHERE ARE U GOING TO PLUG IT IN @??? THERE IS NOT ELECTRICITY!!… why dont they use that time to leave that DUMP HOLE?… ne ways I have had too many run ins and expereice with black ppl and they are the dumbest race on earth and and lot of them..i would say close to 50% are on welfare or in jail or selling drugs….eating up our taxes…. go back to africa please….

  6. Hey, Joseph.

    I recently found your blog and have been enjoying it.

    I’m an American living in Madrid and just created my own blog:

    How do you publicize yours?


  7. Hey, Joseph.

    I recently found your blog and have been enjoying it.

    I’m an American living in Madrid and just created my own blog:

    How do you publicize yours?


  8. Anyone who watches CNN: ‘Out In The Open’ with Rick Sanches keep an eye on him. He makes some racial comments and I haven’t been watching him for long. See what you can find.

  9. excuse me but any white person that believes that black people commit more crimes than the white people themselves is ignorant. First of all there are more white people in jail simply for the reason that they are the majority, there are more of them. If black people were the majority there would be more black people in jail but black people only make up 12% of the population of America. That’s only a fraction. I’m sorry but how would you like it if somebody called you a cracker or hunky? If I called you this this thing would be on the news. Also the whole hurricane Katrina incident occurred in a predominantly black neighborhood. Peoples lives were turned completely upside down. If that happened to your city or town and your parents grew up there as many other generations before your family might want to stay and rebuild especially when the city has a culture like no other. In conclusion maybe if you got your facts straight you yourself could be a better person, but speaking or writing about something without any background knowledge or true facts only makes you look really stupid. Also why should we go back to Africa? White people came stole the land from the Native Americans and brought some Africans as slaves as a matter of a fact they forced them to come over. If you don’t think that we belong why should you stay here because technically this land belongs to know one but the Native Americans. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT and think before you speak!!!

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