Minnesota UU’s Audit Racism

A friend from the DRUUMM Seminarians Network passed along this new report commissioned by the congregation: Institutional Audit of Unity Church-Unitarian.  This 53 page report, compiled by a dozen plus members and leaders of the congregation places the history and identity of the church in a US historical context, inclusive of racial justice development and national/continental Unitarian and Universalist activities related to race and racism.  There are nice timelines, and brief summaries of the history of Unity Church (a large UU congregation) that provide specific commentary and analysis.  It provided critiques throughout, with the conclusions being:

There has been little activity within the body poiltic throughout the decades to ensure that Unity Church is a welcoming, inclusive institution.  Moreover, the church as an institution has been complacent and undeniable silent on the subject of racism, when, in fact, and especially because of its geographic location in a diversely populated inner-urban neighborhood, a leadership role in this arena might have been a logical outcome.

Read the full Audit yourself.  And if you know of any other congregations which have done something this intentional and focused, please let me know!


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