Tipping Point Author Starts Blog

Malcolm Gladwell, author of the Tipping Point and Blink, has started a new blog. Currently he is busy addressing his like of Freakonomics as well as discussing parts of the book (which he wrote a glowing quote for) that seem to contradict his Tipping Point analysis – namely the Broken Window theory (He was pro, Freakonomics is anti).  I’ve liked Gladwell’s work since I read Tipping Point, and actually I’d like to re-read it again.  I haven’t read Blink yet.  Gladwell is a mixed race writer based in NYC, currently writing for the New Yorker, among other things.


One response to “Tipping Point Author Starts Blog

  1. Joseph, read Blink! After you get through that, read “Linked” by Albert Laslo Barabasi. After those two, you’ll never quite think the same way again.


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