Another UU Pastor Takes Stand for Marriage Equality

This was a hot topic several years ago at Harvard Div (where I’m a student), and clearly it is still percolating around the country.  I’m excited to see it in North Carolina as well.

Link: Another pastor takes stand for marriage equality.

The Rev. Mark Ward, pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Asheville, announced Sunday that he will not sign any more marriage licenses until all committed couples-gay or straight-have the opportunity to have their marriage licenses approved.

“As ministers we are sort of defacto agents of the state in that we have the ability to legalize marriage of couples we deal with,” he said. “I will choose not to perform that function as long as the state’s laws are unjust.”

Ward will still perform religious ceremonies for heterosexual couples wishing to have church rites but said he will direct the couples to public officials who can perform civil ceremonies and sign their marriage licenses.


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