White Man Asian Photos

ADVISORY: This may be considered explicit and sensitive to some, please proceed with caution.

I’m annoyed.  Did you know that if you put in Asian as an internet search term that you get blinded by sexually explicit results?  I’ve known this since my days at the University of Oregon Asian Pacific American Student Union (APASU) in the mid 1990’s when the WWW was just coming out.  Well, nothing has changed.  Now I’m sitting in the public library working on my laptop, and I look up to glance around and BAM – at the bank of computer terminals in front of me, the one in my direct line of sight has a 50 something White Man viewing Naked Asian Women.  It was so obvious, I laughed nervously out loud before catching myself.  Well, these library computer have those screen protectors that are supposed to hide what you’re viewing, but darnit, it doesn’t work for the bloke (thats me) sitting at the study table with the direct view.  They guy looks likes so normal too, wearing a college sweatshirt, wirerim glasses, even healthy looking.  I guess I can’t freak out too much, but it is such a truism, a cliche yes, but it seems so typical…the White Man fetish of Asian Women.  You readers can tell me what else I’m missing, or not, but really, this is a mini-venting rant.  It annoys me, and well, it disturbs me.

Thank god patrons can only use the computer for 60 minutes.  He just got up and left.


7 responses to “White Man Asian Photos

  1. Ewww… even if you ignore the race part of it, intentionally looking at porn on public computers is just not cool. I guess the naked asian women part makes it even ickier. But I personally don’t think it would have been ok even if they had been white women.

  2. I am half Filipino and half Caucasian and it annoys the hell out of me. I do not identify as white and have been that exoticized Asian woman (former white husband). It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Glad that you brought this up.

  3. In my experience exoticizing people of color regardless of gender is an issue not unique to just Asian women. The problem though is the power dynamics and oppression attached to this.

  4. Exoticization of Asian women by African-American men is a big phenomenon, at least in my experience, I saw it everywhere in NYC and some of my black friends were pretty overt with it. Just watch a couple of rap videos and notice all the Asian girls in bikinis, grinding on African-American stars. Not that this makes similar moves by white guys any better, I’m just saying that this is really a society-wide thing and in no way specifically a white thing. My Asian-American friends report getting propositioned on the street by African-American men a lot more than by Euro-American ones.

    Of course, a lot of this is just due to simple statistics: there’s only a small proportion of Asian-Americans, so people are more prone to getting exoticized. I travel in Asian-American circles (I’m a Buddhist in a Japanese-American dominated lineage, I’m often the only non-Asian in the room) and get tokenized constantly. My European ancestry is a big stumbling block in these communities, it pretty much prevents me from taking many roles that I would probably be offered otherwise. And when I was in Asia I was definately the object of exoticization, since I was in the extreme minority there and therefore interesting and unusual.

    None of which means that there isn’t also a specific problem in America with Asian women getting turned into negative sex objects. I don’t think anybody can fault you for getting angry, Joseph.

  5. Robin,
    My problem is not with the existence of pornographic material in libraries. My issue is with forcing other people to be exposed to things that they don’t necessarily want to be. Screen guards help somewhat, but this post makes it clear that they don’t help that much. I find watching someone look at porn in a public space creepy and don’t feel that I should have to be subjected to it. Were it in book or magazine form it would be much less visible to others in the vicinity. I’d still find it a little creepy, though, since the consumption of explicitly sexual material feels to me like it should be a private thing.

  6. Asian women have been exoticized by white US culture (and other places, too) for years, and so many American men (not just white men at this point) are subject to it and act that out.

  7. I’m always struggling with what I think about porn. Usually I don’t have to think about it, but when I was in Nicaragua this summer it was not uncommon for men to be looking at porn on the computer next to me. None of those screen things that make sure the person next to you doesn’t see it. I expressed this to a friend and he was like, “Well, they don’t have computers at home.” True. So was I offended that men were looking at porn at all? Or in public space? Anyway, it made me uncomfortable too. I don’t blame you for being weirded out.

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