Oregon Neoracism: Brown Is The New Black

Immigration issues are getting hotter in Oregon, the economy in Portland OR continues to be one of the most depressed of any major US urban metropolis, White Liberals are complaining about the bilingual Spanish light rail messages and business advertising, and use-of-force (1200 in the last year) data is being examined for racial profiling.  Here is a story by Anne Martens on the progressive-liberal BlueOregon.com blog about the current anti-immigrant climate.  I can’t wait to go home!

Link: BlueOregon: Brown Is The New Black.

Oregon has a rich history of racism, starting with statehood, where the voters chose not to allow slavery and not to allow black people either. And with each successive round of immigration (leaving aside that African-Americans didn’t exactly voluntarily emigrate), Oregonians have loudly protested that "those" people don’t belong here, and they’re ruining everything.


3 responses to “Oregon Neoracism: Brown Is The New Black

  1. The comments to Anne’s post are piling up, including a disclaimer that her views are hers only and not related to her work in the Oregon Secretary of States Office. Here is a particularly interesting comment:

    Here we go with the “RACE CARD” again……..It’s not about color, it’s not about JUST MEXICANS, it’s about ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Illegal means Illegal! People who have crossed our borders without permisson are nothing more than law breaking criminals. I live here in NC and I have seen so many US citizens lose their jobs to outsourcing. They have lost not only their jobs, in some cases their HOMES. Then the jobs left, like construction work, are taken by ILLEGALS! The county I live in has the highest unemployment rate in the state and the number of home foreclosures is at a record high. Every construction site you see has a couple American citizens and HERDS of illegals working there. American citizens deserve these jobs that LAW BREAKING ILLEGALS are taking! The employers of these illegals are no better, they are law breakers, too! If your job was given to an illegal alien and you could not find another job, lost your home, and your dignity, you might feel differently. Not only do the illegals cost us our jobs, we are footing the bill for the FREE services provided to them like healthcare, welfare, anchor babies, schooling, etc., it goes on and on! There are over 3,000 families right here in my small county who are waiting in line for apartments for low wage or no wage families. These are not bums who won’t work, these are people who lost their jobs to China or illegals! We have people living under the bridges here, also. Maybe when the illegals start taking food out of your family’s mouths, then you will get it, why Americans are so fed up with this INVASION! I honestly don’t give a damn if you are white, brown, black, or green, if you broke our laws and you are sucking our system dry(welfare, food stamps, WIC, healthcare), then you are a criminal, plain and simple. Give up the race issue, Anne. People are not gonna buy that one this time!

  2. I am going to assume this comment was from a Native American and will include counting European settlers as “illegals?”

  3. you know, I think she is White

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