People of Color Idioms

Earlier I posted a definition of People of Color.  I’m curious about the future of this term in our world.  Will we continue to use it?  Will it be divisive as it has been for a small group wihin Unitarian Universalism?  From my interviews and reading over the last decade, I can only find historical roots of the term that intended political solidarity, consciousness and justice-making for a broad based community organizing effort.  The good intentions aside, what are your thoughts about the following:

  1. Is "People of Color" a meaningful term to you? 
  2. What use does it have? 
  3. Do you think people have a right to identify as a Person of Color? 
  4. What are the expectations or limitations to the use of the term?
  5. Should businesses, government, nonprofits, academia continue to use People of Color terminology?

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