Giant mobilization against racism (Norway – the official site in the United States)

Link: Giant mobilization against racism (Norway – the official site in the United States).

An African-Norwegian 15-year-old, Benjamin Hermansen, was stabbed to death a week earlier near his home at Holmlia, Oslo. Six neo-Nazis have been charged in the case.

“The killer’s knife took a life, but it also did something else: It cut into our basic values,” Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told the crowd. “We’re not gathered here to shout “no”, but to call out “yes” to a society free of violence and racism.” The Prime Minister was joined by the bishop of Oslo, the Princess, the Crown Prince and his fianc�e.

What is at stake here for Norway? I’m wondering about the race-class conflict…and the ideology behind what Scandenavian neo-nazism looks like. I didn’t realize there were African-Norweigan families as well…targeted and under threat of violence…a wake up for me, not that I’m bloody naive and fun loving tho. Interesting to see the Prime Minister make a statement, guess that would be like a Governor here calling out the moral wrongness of a race related killing here in the states. That would be a lot of press conferences, particularly given that reported (obviously not all) hate-crimes are still mostly race-related (not to diminish hate-crimes related to sexuality, gender…).


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