Spiritual Progressives Unite in DC

At the C*UUYAN Long Range Planning Meeting nearly 5 years ago, we envisioned an idea of organizing a Religious Left Young Adult Summit to bring together religious liberals.  Well Tikkun is doing something similar it appears – calling a conference of Spiritual Progressives May 17-20 in Washington DC.  Do you know of anyone going?  I’d be curious to hear back from any UU Young Adults attending.


There are only 49 days left before the Network of
Spiritual Progressive’s first national Washington, D.C. conference May 17-20.
Please register soon at www.spiritualprogressives.org.
It’s the prettiest time of year in DC, so hotels fill up pretty quickly (for
info on hotels, check out http://www.tikkun.org/community/spiritual_activism_conference/hotels-dc).

is the latest tentative agenda. There are still some speakers and workshops who
have not yet been listed, partly because we are still trying to figure out how
to fit everything that people have requested into the short amount of time we
have together. Many of the workshops are not yet finalized so they are not all

We urge you to get and read before the conference Rabbi Lerner’s
book The Left Hand of God: Taking Back our Country from the Religious
. In it you will find the fullest version and explanation of The
Spiritual Covenant with America which we hope to bring to our elected
representatives and to the media on May 18th. We need to have people from every
Congressional district to be there with us–so don’t think that your presence is
not needed, because it is. 

Tentative Agenda for the
interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives‚ Conference on Spiritual
May 17-20, 2006 All Souls Church, Washington

Wednesday, May 17

8:00 am Registration
9:00 am Opening
Religious/Spiritual Rituals.

10:00 am Introduction to the Conference:
Rev. Ama Zenya, Rev. Lynice Pinkard, and Rev. Robert Hardies

am Understanding Spiritual Politics: Sister Joan Chittister, Peter Gabel and
Harvey Cox
12:00-12:30 pm Introduction to Small Groups: Rev. Lynice
12;30-1:30 pm Lunch with small groups

1:30-3:15 pm Keynote
Plenary: Rabbi Michael Lerner and U.S. Senator Barack Obama*

pm Trainings focused on the Spiritual Covenant with America to prepare
participants for presenting these ideas to their elected

1. Create a society that promotes loving relationships
and families
2. Take Personal Responsibility for Ethical Behavior (including
sexual behavior) Facilitator: Rev. Tony Campolo and Rev. Ama Zenya
3. Build
Social Responsibility into our economic and political
Facilitator: Peter Gabel
4. Reshape education to teach
love, caring, generosity, nonviolent communication, cooperation, compassion,
environmental responsibility, awe and wonder, respect and thanksgiving.
Facilitator: Svi Shapiro and Ralph Wolf (W.A.S.C.)
5. Build a broader
understanding of health care while also pursuing a single payer national health
care plan. Facilitators: Dr.Roy Farrell, Harvey Fernbach, and Dr. Bill
6. Be stewards of the environment Facilitator: Thea Levkovitz &
Paul Wapner
7. A spiritual foreign policy and homeland security: safety
through a strategy of generosity and nonviolence. Facilitator: Michael
8. Separation of church and state and science while bringing our new
bottom line into the public sphere

5:30-6:30 pm Workshops on spiritual
1. Environmental Crisis: John Seed
2. The Fears of Progressive
Social Change by Rev. Debora Johnson
3. Spiritual Economics Alanna Hartzok,
John Surr
4. The Spiritual Crisis in Our Lives Generated by the War in Iraq
Stacy Bannerman
5. How Authentic Spirituality Drives People to be Advocates
of Social Justice Mary Darling
6. Religion and Faith in the GLBTQ Community
Harry Knox and Rev. Penny Nixon
7. Politics of Meaning
8. "Spiritual but
not Religious": How to create a movement that has room for those whose
connection to God and the spiritual wisdom of humanity is done outside
traditional religious communities and without the theo-centric language that
suggests hierarchical and patriarchal visions of God?
9. Nonviolence
training Janet Chisholm, Episcopal Peace Fellowship
10. The Encounter &
Reconciliation of Civilizations (a challenge to the "clash of civilizations"
world view) Shaikh Kabir Helminski
11. Reconciliation, building Communities
and Identities of Inclusive Otherness

6:30-8:00 pm Dinner

8:00-11:00 pm Concert and speakers on the Role of Spirit and
Religion in Politics Rev. William Sinkford, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, Abdul Aziz
Said, Rabbi Brian Walt, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, Rev. Tony Campolo, Marie
Denis, Michael Bader, Archdeacon Michael Kendall

Thursday, May

7:30-9:00 am Prayer breakfast to pray for our country and its
leadership, and to pray for receptivity to the Spiritual Covenant with America
Jim Wallis
9:00-1:00 pm Teach-in to Congress on Spiritual Politics at
the Capitol Building

9 a.m.-1 p.m. Individual meetings with elected
representatives by participants

1:00-3:00 pm Pray-in for peace outside
the White House: Prayer leaders include Bob Edgar, Sheikh Kabir Helminski, Rev.
Osagyefo Sekou, Rev. Jim Winkler, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, Rev. Penny Nixon,
John Dear S.J., Archdeacon Kendall and Taylor Branch. Pledge of Resistance to
the Iraq War: Ken Butigan. Cindy Sheehan.

3:30 pm Workshops on spiritual
B1. Politics of Meaning
B2. Theological Perspectives on the
Free Market System: Idolatry, Sin and the Structures of Evil in Economic Life
Stan Duncan
B3. Emancipatory Design
B4. Environmental Consciousness John
B5. Music and Social Transformation
B6. War as a Source for Meaning
Christopher Hedges
B.7 A New Bottom Line in Law Peter Gabel and Nanette
B8. Torture: Building a Spiritual/Religious Campaign Against Torture
Rabbi Brian Walt
B9. End of Life Decisions: Moral and Spiritual Issues
Barbara Coombs Lee and Rev. Paul Smith

5:00-6:30 pm The Struggle for the
Heart & Mind of Traditional Religious Communities Rev. Paul Sherry. Rev. Jim
Winkler, Glen Harold Stassen, Mary Darling, Andrew Weaver and

6:30-7:30 pm Dinner break with small groups,

7:30-8:15 pm
Song and Inspiration from Holly Near and All Souls Choir

8:15-9:30 pm
Iraq and New Visions for Foreign Policy Cindy Sheehan

9:30-10:30 pm
Evening Plenary: How to Make the Liberal World Diverse Not Only in Race, Sex and
Gender, but also in Class and Religious Orientation Rev. Lynice Pinkard, Rabbi
Arthur Waskow, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Rev. Glen Harold Stassen, Rev. Joan Brown

10:30-12:00 pm Young People’s concert and

Friday, May 19

7:30-9:00 am Spiritual and Religious

9:00 am Plenary on Science, Spirituality and

10:30 am Plenary on Spirituality and Sexuality Rev. Ama Zenya,
Rev. Donna Schaper, Rabbi Debora Kohn, Enola Aird

12:00 Noon Small group
meetings and lunch

1:30 pm Plenary on How to Bring a Spiritual Politics
into the Heart of the Democrats and into the Liberal and Progressive Social
Change Movements. Directions for 2006, 2008 and beyond. Christopher Hedges and
many more

3:30 pm Workshops focused on the Spiritual Covenant with

5:00 pm Workshops on Spiritual Politics

6:30 pm Dinner

7:30 pm Shabbat Service

8:00 pm Evening Plenary: Spiritual
Progressives Facing The Globalization of Selfishness (the globalization of
capital, the environmental crisis) Charlene Spretnak, Jonathan Granoff, Robert
Thurman, Christopher Hedges, Bill Meadows and David Abrams (Music with Sharon
Abreu, Michael Hurwicz, and Stephen Fisk)

Saturday, May 20

9:oo am Spiritual Practices: Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu,
Native American and Jewish Shabbat Services
a. Bernie Glassman on “Not
Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Loving Actions”

9-10:30 am Other Spiritual
D1. Progressive spiritual media Jochen Strack

10:30-11 am
Small group meetings

  11 a.m. Plenary: The War in Iraq and the Spiritual
Contribution to an Antiwar Movement. Speaker: Cornel West, Arun

12:15 pm Small groups and lunch

2:00 pm Summaries of
discussions on the Spiritual Covenant with Americans

3:30 pm Strategies
for the NSP in the coming year

5:30 pm Dinner break

7:30 pm

8:00 pm Human Rights, Spiritual Wisdom and Planetary Sanity:
Roshi Bernie Glassman, Rev. Debora Johnson, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Harry Knox,
Michael Posner, Jim Garrison, Thea Levokowitz, speaker from What Is
Enlightenment, and Pamela Taylor Evening Concert Performance from the play
"Motherblood” by the Omega Theatre (with Saphira), humor from Swami Beyondonanda
and music from Michael Franti.

*Invited but not yet

to be removed from this list please send and email to assistant3@tikkun.org
with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line


2 responses to “Spiritual Progressives Unite in DC

  1. eh. these days i’m far more interested in issue-specific events. better chance to learn something instead of just back-patting.

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