Conservative Shirt?

I found this advertisement a bit amusing, and wonder when I’ll see someone wearing a "conservative shirt":


5 responses to “Conservative Shirt?

  1. I’ve already seen that shirt a bunch of times. Especially when I lived in NC. The funny thing is, when I’d ask the kids who were wearing it who that was…they didn’t even know. So it’s not even a “conservative”, it’s just an anti-hippie shirt…cuz hippies like to wear che shirts.

  2. I have to say … the Che shirt is such a cliche these days. I don’t mind people wearing them, but it really annoys me when people wear them merely as a fashion statement.

  3. Poor Che … he’d be so disappointed.

  4. My sig. other found a che shirt that had these words below the picture:
    “I have no idea who this is”.

    So true, so funny, so sad.

  5. i am 12 years old and no all about che guevara, i need to get one of those shirts, i alredy hav tons of anti hippie 1’s that say stop hippie scum and stuff but i will need to add that to my collection.

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