Newsweek UU Covergirl

My old friend, who as a youth and younger young adult joined me at YRUU youth conferences and church in Portland occasionally, graces this week’s edition of Newsweek.  How AIDS Transformed a Nation is in newstands today. 

Jennifer Jako and I met in high school, and have remained friends ever since.  She has been an activist and speaker for HIV/AIDS since she found out she contracted the virus at 18, including speaking at UU functions.  Today she lives in Portland, and is expecting a baby this summer.  We’re so excited to have our kids so close together!

Check it out, and friends, Jen welcomes your comments and notes here.


8 responses to “Newsweek UU Covergirl

  1. Wow! I glanced at the Newsweek cover a few days ago but didn’t recognize Jennifer. I don’t know if she’d remember me but I met her at one of your conferences, Joey, back in the mid-’90s. I’m so glad to see her thriving! Give her my best.

  2. I got my Newsweek and KNEW I had met Jennifer some place, so I googled her name. I live in Portland and am NOT a “stalker.” I’m a middle-aged woman, live in the Pearl, physically active, involved in Compassion & Choices. Can someone please email me and tell me where Jennifer works? Am so curious to know where I’ve met her??? – Thanks ~ Sue

  3. Jennifer!
    I am a caucasian HIV + woman, too. I was diagnosised (sp?) this past year, but am pretty sure I was infected when I was 23 or so (I’m 29). Your cover is BEAUTIFUL, and I love your tummy! I want a family of my own someday. I have another friend, in my community, who is married to a negative guy that has two healthy children to love. You guys give me such hope & inspiration. Thank you and bless you.

  4. Jen! I love you! It’s so…..surreal to see your face on the cover of the most widely circulated publication in the nation. Ummmm, yah, its been a long strange journey, eh? I still remember the first day I met you and Joey in high school, at the Students and Youth for Peace meeting, and then cruising in the bad ass little blue VW bug! I am so happy for your growing family, and I love you and Chris. I’ll see you at the baby shower!
    Love Benno

  5. Jennifer, you are beautiful! Saw the story on Channel 8 NBC last week and was stunned. Have a framed copy of the Newsweek cover on the wall. You are an inspiration and a lifeline to women, and hope for children and men. Got a call from Karen Sorenson of The Oregonian. Her article on you will appear this Thursday, May 18th. All the best to you and all our love. Paul & Helen Lyons

  6. A few weeks ago, on a sunny day, I went out to Sauvies Island to do some birding. I was headed along the beach when I spotted an apparently professional photographer shooting a young woman who appeared to be pregnant. I admit to being curious.
    Then I heard about Jennifer Jako and the Newsweek article and photos. I found the photos and there she was on the island.
    In any case, the best of luck to her, her baby and her husband. May it all work out perfectly and may we find a cure.

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    We met about 13 to 14 years ago. We were both 19 yrs old. We were both told of our Hiv status the same year. I met you at your house. We only talked once but you stayed on my mind all these years. I’ve read about you several times and am always happy to hear what your up to and that your doing well. I’m going through a rough patch right now but things will get better. With that being said reading about you recently has inspired me to think positive…lol. You have no idea how much I needed that right now so thank you Jennifer and congrats to you and your lovely family


  8. Teresa McIntyre

    I am so glad to hear such wonderful news about Jennifer Jako. I am a 9th grade science teacher and use her film “Bloodlines” – I am sure it affects many students. We use the “medication” schedule, substituting candy for the meds, and the students have an eye opening experience. Thank you for your courage, Jennifer – best of luck to you and thank you so very much for sharing your story and life with so many.
    Teresa McIntyre

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