Baby Dolphins Are Back!

Finally my sports fan life is picking up!  Not only are the St Louis Cardinals going to rule baseball this year, with Rolen healthy and Pujols doing a Mantle impression for yet another MVP year, but my Miami Dolphins just picked up a second quality QB in Joey Harrington.  He’ll back up Culpepper who came from Minnesota, unless Daunte is still in the injured list.  It’ll be great to see my old Duckmate (Harrington went to the University of Oregon a few years after me), tossing to some up and coming wideouts, say hey to Chris Chambers and another Pro Bowl year.

This sure balances out the terrible years of me Blazers (Portland’s only pro team in any sport) and Islanders, who gave away Alexi Yashin unfortunately.  I’m pulling for the Clippers (Dunleavy-Portland connection) in this years playoffs.  I like Phoenix and Nash, Nash is from the Pacific Northwest, yet…Clippers in the playoffs is just too cool to pass up!


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