No Talking For A Week

What?  Joseph not talking for a week?  Well, email and other IM communications continue, intermittently with some excellent rest and pain medications, but essentially, I’m keeping my mouth shut for a week.  Having those tonsils removed was pretty wild, having to be put to sleep, having all the other circumstances running through my brain and veins – namely sleep deprivation, graduation, thesis, new baby – but I’m feeling good here at day four after surgery.  Lots of hanging out with Aimee and Miyka (Gabriel and Grandma are off at a graduation for a cousin out-of-state), and letting the medications inspire new ideas for Unitarian Universalism, life, activism, and so on.  My throat looks like a battle zone still, and I can’t eat much more than some mashed potatoes and some sweet mashed potatoes (which are really yummy).  The pain does come back pretty harsh when I’m near the end of my 4 hour timetable, staying hydrated is key.  The pain does hit the eyes, ears and nose, guess they’re all on a similar nerve stream.  Praying for no complications.


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