Sienna Lavanhar

Over a week ago I learned of the sudden death of the young child of an old friend in Unitarian Universalism.  Sienna Lavanhar, a few years younger than Gabriel, died in Tulsa OK.  Her passing is so hard to comprehend, to have known her briefly from visits, for such a small and happy child in a profound and loving family, and in the context of the recent birth of our daughter.  I wrote a brief condolence, which all who know the family are invited to do (  The Tulsa World has this remembrance and a place to sign a book for the family, already there are nearly 100.  A candle of sorrow, reading the memorial service, there feels like no closure on the horizon, talking to my partner, nothing puts me in a place that feels close to grounded as I try to wrap my heart and soul around the experience.  For Sienna’s life, stories, memories, and wishes breath spirit back into my hurt, uncomparable to the family, which is in my prayers.  Sienna is the first child I have known who has passed away, and the tragedy is one that is rippling through the young adult community as well.  I had several friends call, and I called several friends who knew her father Marlin.  I am grateful to the web of communications that passed the information along to our family, the UUMA, the UUA in particular.  Update 5/18/06 (Tamara shares these words from Tulsa)


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