Faith in Action 15 Years Ago

Earlier I posted about my old friend Jennifer Jako gracing the cover of Newsweek for the 25th Anniversary of HIV/AIDS.  My dad just forwarded me an article from the Oregonian, HIV Diagnosis Brings Out The Fighter, in which more of Jako’s backstory is shared.  My family got mentioned.  Jako was my first close friend to contract HIV, and at the time we were so young that we feared she wouldn’t live to 25.  But we were educated, thanks to Unitarian Universalist youth group and district conferences about the disease, what little was known about it in 1990-91.  The teachings and faith foundations gave us strength in my relationship with Jako.  My parents, who also had never known a person with HIV and were, at least in my teenage opinion, reacted with care and love in supporting Jen as well.  It wasn’t easy given our rich and insulated existence in Portland suburbia.  Our faith helped guide our actions.


2 responses to “Faith in Action 15 Years Ago

  1. Yeah, seeing Jako on the cover of Newsweek made me jump. Great to see that she’s doing so well. Don’t think I’ve seen her since high school, but she’s impressed me ever since.

  2. Natasha Czapszys

    Hey, if you’re still in contact with Jako will you tell her her old lunch buddy from LOHS, Natasha Czapszys, says hello. I work in a periodicals room and keep seeing articles about her so I thought I’d do a brief search to contact her. You’re the closest bet I could find.
    Nice blog,

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