My College Leftist Paper Skewered on FOX News

FOX News’s Bill O’Reilly is calling for the head of University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer, a former Republican Attorney General who became prez mid-way through my undergraduate Duck days in Eugene, OR.  He is taking Dave to task for not standing up enough against the leftist Student Insurgent (now it seems called The Insurgent), a monthly publication produced by a radical progressive collective of college bottom feeders.  It made the BlueOregon blog, which has a nice summary of the facts, and takes me back to my days of being an editor and writer for the paper.  Basically, the Insurgent printed some drawings blasphemous of Jesus.  I had the pleasure of working for the Insurgent during the transition from paper layout to computer layout, although we never touched religion as I can recall, and remember spending whole nights working with Quark Xpress and Pagemaker to fit the final product together.  Haven’t worked on papers much since, but there is a chance I’ll have the opportunity with the UUA Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministry as we re-envision putting out something post-Ferment (our old newsletter).  I enjoyed very much the writing and buzz the old Insurgent created on campus, but I have to admit I found myself reading the tacky and elitist Oregon Commentator more regularly for the laughs.  While I quickly forgot the Commentator, they didn’t, as several years after I graduated, they were still skewering me for the progressive student organizing I had accomplished.  (side note: brain still mushy from tonsillectomy, ugh! randomish thoughts)


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