In Gods System

At orientation last week for Clinical Pastoral Education, one of the facilitators noted the roots of the work "enthusiasm".  Now I haven’t looked it up to double check (Harvard would NOT be pleased), but it resonated with me so much that I want to offer my reactions here.  In-Theos-Ism, or In God’s Distinctive System (ism=distintive system or theory, that I did look up), is what was shared in our orientation of new Hospital Staff (including doctors, nurses, techs, etc).  Oh yeah!  Throughout my life, this is one of the terms that people most offer up to me, usually out of respect, sometimes with a little bit of "tone it down brother!".  I think I’ve grown a bit uncomfortable with the observation, mostly because it feels childish at times.  But truly, it has stuck (along with passionate, intense, etc).  Looking at it with this etymology (origins of linguistic form) however, has given me new perspective on my sense of self.  Being energetic within God’s presence has meaning for me, and gives me a basis for the ongoing renewal of strength that I feel each day in this universe.


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