Ministers To Lead DRUUMM

At the DRUUMM Business meeting last night in St Louis during the UUA General Assembly, the gathered members and observers elected a slate of new Executive Officers.  Rev. Manish Mishra (UU Church of St Petersburg, FL) was elected President and Rev. Danielle DiBona (Community Minister, Maine), was elected First Vice-President/President-elect.  Mishra will serve through to 2008, with DiBona serving 2008-2010.  Previously, Mishra lead the DRUUMM Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus for two years, and before that was Chair of the DRUUMM Youth & Young Adults of Color Caucus.  DiBona has served off and on with the DRUUMM Leadership since DRUUMM was founded in 1998.  DRUUMM is a UU People of Color organization, providing and advocating a People of Color ministry within Unitarian Universalism.  The 5th annual DRUUMM Fall Conference was announced for November 10-12, 2006 at a place TBA (possibly Kansas City, MO).  The Allies for Racial Equality, the new White Anti-Racist Allies organization, will also be meeting concurrently.  Visit the DRUUMM website to learn more and to sign up on the announcement email list.  If you’re interested in more history about People of Color in Unitarian Universalism, email me for a copy of 25 to 1: Experiences of People of Color in Unitarian Universalism 1980-2005.


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