Congregational Antiracism 2006-07

I heard from a DRUUMM friend this morning that at the last Plenary of the General Asssembly in St Louis, a motion was made from the floor after a presentation from Youth and Young Adults of Color and the Allies for Racial Equality (a White Anti-Racist Group), to encourage all UUA congregations to engage in some form of anti-racism work over the coming year and report back at General Assembly in Portland 2007.  I have to say that I was shocked to hear that this passed unanimously, and if true and being followed up upon, it will be one of the most amazing White institutional endeavors in history.  It is a re-affirmation of the 1997 Journey Towards Wholeness Resolution: Towards and Anti-Racist Multicultural Unitarian Universalist Association, often referred to as JTW.  JTW has undergone some major restructuring and adaptation, which is natural in my opinion given the dynamic nature of race and racism in our congregations.  I am deeply heartened however to hear of this Plenary business action (although I can find no official record yet), and will be bringing my whole family to see the activities at GA ’07 in my hometown of Portland, Oregon next June.


3 responses to “Congregational Antiracism 2006-07

  1. A speaker asked if congregations would engage,
    and asked for a show of hands. Hands went up.

    It was not an official answer to a deliberative resolution, it was a spontaneous response to an urging.

    UUs as we know want to be in their number when the saints go marching in, but without leadership it is difficult to turn good intent into institutional change

  2. I don’t know if it was unanimous, but Gini did tell Youth Caucus staff that “at least 95%,” maybe even 97% of the voters affirmed this proposal.

    I am interested to see what happens next – many churches will be needing support in order to fulfill this promise, and to keep fulfilling it, year after year.

  3. Resolved, that the Delegates to General Assembly are charged to work with their congregations to hold at least one program over the next year to address racism or classism, and to report on that program at next year’s General Assembly.

    That is the official text as it is being recorded, and is listed as a Responsive Resolution to the Moderators report. I have to say, personally, that this might be the most “binding” decision that could be made at GA, as it’s a directive initiated by the delegates back home. I just echo Gini and hope that we live up to what we promised.

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