67% Support Safe Sex Education

In a poll last week, when given the choice of supporting a candidate who supports Safe Sex Education vs. Abstinence Only Education, 2 to 1 likely voters reported more likely to support Safe Sex Education.  Yeay!  67% to 31%, with 3% unsure.  Now the challenge remains to make Safe Sex Education, aka in UU speak, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, aka in Young Adult Ministry speak, Reality-Based Sex Ed, available and accessible.  One way you can get involved is to attend the 3rd Annual Sexuality Education Advocacy Training in Washington DC next March 2006.  This program, jointly organized by the UUA Office of Young Adult & Campus Ministry, Youth Office, and Washington DC Office for Advocacy, brings together 50+ youth and young adults for training on sex-ed, lobby experience, and tactics for fostering sex-ed in their local communities.


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