Parenting Superpower #1

Last night I was thinking about super powers, perhaps in preparation to see Super Man.  Anyways, I find that when I’m putting little baby baby to sleep, I can’t just seem to get my hands and fingers out from under her after she has fallen asleep, without waking or seriously disturbing her.  Now I don’t have the biggest fingers, and they’re not spikey or nothing, but I would love to have the power for my hands to shape change so they could slowly flatten and slip out from under her.  Then I was thinking about all the other cool things I could do with skinny hands.  Then Mrs. Radical said, if you’re thinking of a super power, why not the power to just put her to sleep!  Maybe I’ll have to rethink this.  See pictures of baby baby here.  Morning all!


One response to “Parenting Superpower #1

  1. LOL. I think that the ability to put a baby to sleep is probably pretty high up there on the list of Parent SuperPowers.

    WHEN am I going to see little Miyka? I missed you at Ella’s barbecue. =(

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