Baby Privileges and Reactions

I was cruising around Vancouver Washington this afternoon with the baby in our three-wheeling stroller and noticed several neighborly behaviors that I found sweet and different.  At the grocery, a women matter of factly said "I’ll hold her while you place your groceries on the counter", I didn’t know what to say!  She was nice, and sounded like a city counciler talking about the wonderful community of Vancouver.  Walking down main street to the pharmacy, a sporty car driven by a young man had some loud music cranked up, and as he waited at the stop light while I sauntered by he turned it down and smiled at us.  I walked into a coffee shop with her, Starbucks of all places, for a small decaf, and had instant attention, service, and I felt like a huge yupie.  I had a dozen interactions with folks on a walk that without the baby, I would probably have none!


2 responses to “Baby Privileges and Reactions

  1. Babies = attention. I noticed it when I would take my (first) nephew out and about. They are the ultimate conversation piece!

  2. your nephew is so cute too! thanks for bringing him along to the street fair.

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