Sinkford Preaches International UU Solidarity

As I’m preparing to move to the Philippines for a ministerial internship, I’m seeking to know the truths and perspectives of Unitarian Universalism in relationship to our North American congregations.  Wililam Sinkford, President of the UUA, gave this sermon at the World Gathering of Unitarian Universalists in Transylvannia 2002.  I find that there is a vision of solidarity and kinship with our international Unitarian Universalists in Romania, England, South Africa, India, Philippines, Australia, and other budding places on earth, and I’m trying to understand better the "why", and ultimately the "how".  The UUA and other North American UU organizations and congregations have been benefactors of many international UU programs and communities.  This is not entirely sustainable, yet has had a huge impact as we have moved into closer relationship with one another.  The Young Adult communities of India, Philippines, England and Transylvannia/Romania, for example, are in much better touch through exchange and leadership experiences together.

We hold out a word of hope.

Hope for a global Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist community of faith.  One in which we can support each other.  A community of relationship, which can deepen our faith and enrich us all.

Hope for a Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist faith not hidden behind walls we construct in an attempt to find safety.  But a faith building bridges of relationship to help the universe bend toward justice.

We strive to find the love of God.  We yearn to feel the presence of the spirit of life in our lives.   We know that we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves.


2 responses to “Sinkford Preaches International UU Solidarity

  1. I’ve never heard of a world gathering of UUs before. Was it organised by the ICUU? Is there going to be another one? I’ve always thought we should have a world gathering – like a global General Assembly every 10 years. That would be cool.

  2. Stephen, you can read up on the most recent ICUU gathering (in late 2005) at the Michael Servetus Institute website . Just scroll down a little. Also, the ICUU website might have something about it, too –

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