Pan-Asianism by Sun Yat Sen 1924

I’ve always been a student of historical and contemporary pan-asian ideas, and recently found Sun Yat Sen’s Speech on the topic given in Kobe Japan 1924.  Here is an exerpt, check out the full translation and learn more about national hero and revolutionary Sun Yat Sen in Wikipedia.

What problem does Pan-Asianism attempt to solve? The problem is how to terminate the sufferings of the Asiatic peoples and how to resist the aggression of the powerful European countries. In a word, Pan-Asianism represents the cause of the oppressed Asiatic peoples. Oppressed peoples are found not only in Asia, but in Europe as well. Those countries that practice the rule of Might do not only oppress the weaker people outside their continent, but also those within their own continent. Pan-Asianism is based on the principle of the rule of Right, and justifies the avenging of the wrongs done to others. An American scholar considers all emancipation movements as revolts against civilization. Therefore now we advocate the avenging of the wrong done to those in revolt against the civilization of the rule of Might, with the aim of seeking a civilization of peace and equality and the emancipation of all races.


One response to “Pan-Asianism by Sun Yat Sen 1924

  1. Ahh yes the rule of right, not might justifies vengeance. I’m back to the “asians can’t think” position.

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