Long Week…Good Week

I haven’t posted for over a week, not quite the web sabbatical of Philocrites, but still an unconscious break allowing other things to emerge.  I’ve been on the horn with my Filipino Unitarian Universalist internship community, utilizing a new online calender/organizational program that is free (and incidently, using it for family and work, it interfaces with Outlook).  This communication has really kicked my ministerial internship with the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines into a higher gear.  I’ve got schedule, details, travel plans, ideas, and starting to get an understanding of the landscape of the people and culture.  I’ll be based in Manila 3 weeks, with 1-2 weeks each month in Dumaguette on the island of Negros.

I’ve been mailing out my Senior Thesis to those interested, raising some $ for my internship, I’ve been pondering my experiences at General Assembly, particularly some of the harder ones.  UUA work with young adults picked up as well as I’m preparing for ConCentric, and advising the Expressions in Color pre-Opus retreat for Young Adults of Color Unitarian Universalist.  I’m launching several new projects this month – starting preparations for the Groundwork Training of Trainers for May 2007 (Anti-Racism), Advisor/Mentor Roundtable for Youth of Color, Journal of Young Adult & Campus Ministry (which we do not have a name for, but it will not be Ferment, the old newsletter name that was discontinued four years ago).

Here I am writing about all the stuff that is happening around the center of my life, family and CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education).  Well to say briefly, one of our little ones has taken off to visit the Yellowstone, our other tiny one is practicing her sonrisa’s each day, and the two of us parental units are feasting on gourmet dinners we are making from our ivy-league trained minds and country imaginations.  Case in point, last night I made parmesean encrusted baked fish with dill potatoe, caraway carrots, garlic bread and a fresh baked carrot cake.  Yum yum.  CPE reflection will be another post, one which several friends say is long over due (as a friend said last week, man, you’ve been doing this intense program in the hospital all summer, and you haven’t said anything about it!!)


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