Car Alarms and Homes

This morning I awoke on the 13th floor to the memorable sound of the car alarm here in Manhattan.  Not quite the most heart warming memory.  I don’t think anyone even lives their lives this high where I come from, spending most of their days hundreds of feet above the ground.  I bet parents appreciate the kids not tracking dirt inside.  I’ve been on a daily meditation about the meaning of home, something that comes with my stage of life, namely transition from one place to another.  This time, our move from Somerville MA to Portland OR, and now to Quezon City, has an even deeper, more complex meaning as it is not just about me, nor me and my partner, but our whole family clan that now numbers 4. 

We are still a week away from re-settling in a familiar place, the house of my partner when she was a child outside Manila.  It will be our second prodigal child like return, as our time in Portland was a wonderful truly heart warming experience this summer.  What will it take to turn this old house into a home?  When we return to Oregon next Spring ’07, we will re-settle another familiar place, our house in North Portland that we’ve been renting out.  There, finally, we will be making a home in the long-term sense of the word.  We’ve lived in three places over the last four years, and had many transient stays for periods of a month or two in-between.  Now we are nearing the end of our education, our training, our preparation, and will be re-grounding ourselves in places where we grew up, Quezon City for 7 months, and then indefintely in Portland.  Oh yes!


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