If You Could Bring Only One UU Book

I am heading out today to visit with members of the Unitarian Universalist Church here in Metro Manila.  I’m going to a place called Valenzuela, where there are over a dozen families who have been attending worship and practicing their beliefs.  I’m riding on a motorcycle for 45 minutes with a translator/ex-Pentecostal minister who is a member of the core group of Unitarian Universalists here.  I can really only bring one book for the day, to share the word and wisdom of Unitarian Universalism.  In such a circumstance, what one book do you think I should bring?  (this is in part looking for inspiration, in part wondering, if you could only bring one book hypothetically, what one book would you bring??)


2 responses to “If You Could Bring Only One UU Book

  1. Either Channing’s Works or Emerson: The Mind on Fire.

  2. thanks fausto, yeah, mind on fire is a great piece. i’ve been carrying around three prophets edited by conrad wright recently, smaller..

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