Fall Young Adult Meetings Concluding Today

The C*UUYAN Steering Committee and Conferences Planning Committee are wrapping up their annual fall meetings in Boston MA this weekend.  Earlier this month, the DRUUMM Youth & Young Adults of Color Steering Committee met, also in Boston, and the Young Adult & Campus Ministry Office Staff met for retreat in Denton, Maryland mid-September.  I’ll post notes when they become available.

The YACM Office retreat was our 3rd annual retreat in conjunction with the Youth Office, the Washington DC Office for Advocacy, and the Congregational Justice Making Office.  We met for four days at a Christian retreat center in farm country of Western Maryland, two days jointly to work on projects such as the Sexuality Education Advocacy campaign (and 3rd annual Sex Ed training/lobby day in Washington DC March 2007!), discuss anti-racism programs, share in worship, fellowship, and caucusing around gender and racial identity.  I stayed up late and played a couple games of Euchre, something I’m teaching my friends and family here in Metro Manila.  We have wonderfully prepared worship, and I had the honor of leading one of the services, grown from the beautiful piece written by Rev. Marta Valentin in the recent UU World entitled Miracle Flowers.

The C*UUYAN Leadership is engaging a special letter written by the YACM Office about the current state of affairs and future vision around young adults.  When I receive permission, I’ll post a copy for broader discussion.  They also received an interim report of the Young Adult Survey (which has received 871 responses thus far!)


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