UUA Health Plan Expands

The UUA is working hard to establish a new health care plan for religious professionals.  It has been a long time since the UUA has offered such a plan, a decade ago there was one before health care costs began their steady rise.  This newest initiative is wonderful in that it seeks to reach out more broadly, to include all religious professionals in the UUA working at least 1,000 hours (roughly 1/2 time, 2080 hours = full time 52 weeks/year at 40 hours/week).  They’ve recently identified UU religious professionals who work for non-UU institutions that also seek health care, and thus they’ve adjusted and announced their eligibility.  Cheers to collective health care organizing!

The new UUA health plan is seeking to accommodate community ministers who
may be working for secular or non-UU religious employers and who need health

We have previously described eligibility to enroll in the new UUA health plan as limited to "self-employed community ministers." We are now learning of persons who are working at least 1,000 hours per year in ministry, and who are working most of those hours for non-UU employers that do not provide health insurance.

In order to meet their needs, we are opening enrollment to ministers in fellowship with the UUA who are engaged in valid ministries, either on a part-time or full-time basis but at least 1,000 hours per calender year, and who need health insurance because it is not offered by their employer-organizations.

There will still be no exclusion for pre-existing conditions for those who enroll in the UUA plan before October 15, 2006, and the plan will take effect January 1, 2007.


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