UU Men of Color Group Created

A call to all Unitarian Universalism Men of color, and other non-Euro UU Men

At the last GA, I agreed to lead in the organization of a "men of
color" group within the UUA movement. This group would hold the first
meeting at the 2007 GA. At that meeting we will elect a Steering
Committee and Officers, decide on an organization mission and agenda,
and explore future activities as we see fit.

As I see it, the basic purposes of the UU Men of Color organization are
to develop within the nonwhite male UU community, an institutional
framework to promote closer friendships, social interchange, group
networking, mutual support services, and most importantly intercultural
understanding and cross-cultural appreciation.

This is not necessarily intended to be another service group. Members will engage in advocacy, and service projects through DRUUMM or the various DRUUMM caucuses or other separate identity groups. I am not proposing the UUMenC as a caucus of any group. In the future, this group may also collaborate with the UU Women of Color organization in joint programs or projects related their mission or purpose.

The UU Men of Color organization may decide to develop programs or projects of their own, perhaps particularly addressing issues affecting male youth of color, whose prospects for a healthy future now appear problematic at best.

First, let us discover who "WE" are. We will need names, email addresses and phone numbers (home and cell would be appreciated). To measure the extent of interest from Men of Color, including Latino/ as, and people of Middle Eastern descent, please click on the link below and enter your name and email address, or contact me at the "from" address above.

With brotherly love,

James T. Brown, Ph.D
Convener, UU Men of Color Group


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