What Is Progressive Christianity

A UU from the Metro Manila community referred me to The Center for Progressive Christianity.  Recommended a reading by Jim Burko entitled "What is Progressive Christianity" (11 pages), that I’m enjoying and plan to discuss at our weekly (new) UU Group in Quezon City.  Here is an exerpt:

Progressive Christianity empties itself, over
and over, of any suggestion that our religion is better than others.
Other spiritual or secular paths to the Divine may be as right for other people
as ours appears to be for us.  Humble religion doesn’t focus on its walls,
but rather on its openings.  Progressive Christians try to keep our doors
and windows open to inspirations that enter from beyond our communities of
faith.  Mystical spirituality keeps us open to progressive revelation,
which strains our eyes to see, our ears to hear, and our hands to serve.


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