Need Recommendation For Domain Hosting

I’m trying to figure out how to register a domain name for the UU Church of the Philippines.  I would like to be able to set up email aliases with the domain (or POP mail if it isn’t too expensive), and host a very limited website of about 10 pages.  Any recommendations?

One response to “Need Recommendation For Domain Hosting

  1. I like to keep my registration and hosting distinct, to lever the host if things so sour.

    I have been very inpressed with the straightforward if techie Germany-based registrar Given the yippee-for-Gitmo opinions (even if blandly retracted) of GoDaddy’s owner, I’d as soon drink molten lead as use his popular service.

    Like some other bloggers, I use Verve Hosting ( for my hosting, and they have some very agreeable plans, but even the cheapest ($5/mo) might be more than you need (as present).

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