NYPD Profile Black Riders

Brooklyn Transit police officers are blowing the whistle on a captain
who they said gave an order to stop and frisk every black man at a
train station with a history of robberies.  (From Diversity Inc – full article here as they require registration to read)

officers told the New York Daily News that Capt. Michael Vanchieri,
commander of Brooklyn Transit District 30, gave the orders at
Thursday’s 7 a.m. roll call.


captain said the descriptions of the [suspects] vary a lot, so we were
to stop all black males at the station, stop and frisk them because
‘they have no reason being there,’" said one white officer, who was
outraged by the command.


"All black men
were to be stopped – no description other than that," the officer
added. "So some 30- to 40-year-old man who had every right to be at the
station – he’d get frisked too."


of the officers interviewed—a mix of black and white, male and
female—spoke under the condition of anonymity but gave consistent


was totally shocked," said a black officer who witnessed the order. "It
was very clear. Stop and question and frisk. But no description of who
we were looking for – just male blacks."

Commissioner Raymond Kelly said any discussion of race as a part of the
order given by Vanchieri was part of a broader description of the
suspects in previous crimes at that train station. "He gave a
description of those individuals and asked if anybody sees them, if
anyone matched that description, to stop and speak to them," Kelly
said, adding that the NYPD is the only major police department in the
country to ban profiling.

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