Elaine Pagels on a Day Off

I’m enjoying reading Beyond Belief, by Elaine Pagels on my day off here in Dumaguette.  I wanted to get a massage and soak in a tub, but the places we went to here were closed for Buglasan or were by appointment only.  I love the wonderful spas here in the Philippines, the best ones I’ve found are still in the Manila area.  Buglasan is a big island-wide festival, named after a native spiky grass, its main purpose is to showcase the various cultures of Negros.  I’ll check it out this evening, the final night.  Wanted to go earlier, we headed over there on the pedicab but the rains came and I turned around to come use the wireless internet at Happy Freds.  A wonderful feeling came over me when I learned that my St Louis Cardinals pulled out a W in Game 4!  I was watching this morning (remember, it is my day off) and there was a brownout, a common occurance a few times a week.  Alas, we were down 3-2 in the 7th, and I prayed that the power would come on, and that my beloved Redbirds would win.  But I left and had pretty much given up hope.  Thus lo and behold, the happiness of going online again this afternoon to see a 5-4 victory with hardcore stud Eckstein pulling through with a couple key hits in the late innings.  Thwayree rookie relief pitchers kept Detroit down and now we’re up 3-1 in the series.  Ah yes, I digress.

Anyways, I’m enjoying Pagels, who was a Ware Lecturer at the UUA General Assembly a few years ago.  I didn’t hear her unfortunately, last person I heard was an amazing James Forbes of Riverside Church.  I’m loving the way she weaves the stories of Christianity and the writings of early Christian leaders that I studied into such excellent narrative.  She teaches me more intimately the development of Christian culture and particularly sacraments.

I’ve been thinking about sacrament and our UU emphasis on the religious journey as opposed to the holy grail of heaven in the afterlife.  I’m preparing a sermon on Stories as our Sacrament.  I was reminded of a few other things today, that eucharist means literaly "thanksgiving".  And coming from a post to the UU History listserv – Judeo-Christian is offensive to some folks as it implies the latter improving the former, vs. Jewish and Christian which our UU Sources state.  For some reason I remembered "Judeo-Christian", but yes, I see the error of my ways.

One response to “Elaine Pagels on a Day Off

  1. I also avoid “Judeo-Christian” because it’s sloppy shorthand. There’s not really a single tradition there. There are different Christian conceptions of charity, for example, just as there are different Jewish conceptions of charity; talking about a “Judeo-Christian” concept of charity is too broad to mean much. This is true for just about everything I can think of that might be described as “Judeo-Christian.”

    Enjoy your day off!

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