Do We Believe in Sacrifice?

We had an interfaith discussion this evening on the concepts of Sacrifice and Self-Denial.  I came down critical of the two with respect to the fact that they appear to me to sustain the status quo.  We discussed poverty and women’s position in society as examples.  Still, it has me thinking, do we have a UU teaching on these concepts?  The Hindu leader said that the root of sacrifice is to make sacred.  This I didn’t know.  I commented that it seems that one who sacrifices does so unconsciously, and it is others who label them as having sacrificed.  They are called to live in a way that may appear sacrificial.  Self-denial seems at odds with UU on the level of seeking to know thyself, although it there is synergy with our emphasis on simple living, but it seems to come from a different philosophical/theological place.  Muddling through these ideas.


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