Former YRUU Voices

The UUA and YRUU are going through a significant transformation of their relationship, with everything on the table.  Have you been following this?  If so, they are seeking to hear from former YRUU’ers and your feelings about what is happening.

Dear Current and Former

Since the Consultation on Ministry To and With Youth ( began, there
has been no forum for current and former YRUUers, who have contributed to and
received so much from this organization, to voice their thoughts publicly and
collectively during this time of change.

I’m writing to you about an important project – offering
you an opportunity for current and former YRUU youth to voice your thoughts on
the Consultation on Ministry To and With Youth through Synapse, the magazine by and for UU youth

I have been researching our YRUU history and how UU
youth felt about the changes that led to the creation of YRUU in the early
1980s.  I plan on writing a piece about “Community in Times of Change” for
Synapse.  I would love for this
to be accompanied by original pieces by other current and former YRUUers about
the present day.  This is where you come in!

I encourage you to:

· Take this opportunity to submit a piece of writing – any format and
length is welcome OR You can call
617-948-4356 and express your thoughts
by leaving a voicemail.  I would then transcribe it into
writing for Synapse. (Note: The
voicemail recording is the voice of Mr. T – don’t be alarmed, it IS the Youth

· Remember that Synapse has been the voice of YRUU members
for over 20 years.

· Use Synapse to give YOU a place to voice your
thoughts, anxieties, criticisms, and hopes for this time of change. 

· Use your voice as a part of the
transformation of YRUU.

 Here are some questions to think

· How do you feel about the Consultation on
Ministry To and With Youth? 

· How do you feel about YRUU and this time of

· What effect does change have on your
experience of the YRUU and UU community? 

· What changes are you most excited

· What are you nervous or anxious

· What have your recent experiences been in
YRUU and as a youth in Unitarian Universalism – the highs and the lows? 


With each submission, please

· Anything about yourself including your

· Your district/region or

· How old you are

 If you feel reluctant to contribute your thoughts in
such a public way, you may remain anonymous, but please still share your
thoughts.  I want to create a space for every voice to be heard if you have
something you would like to say.

 Please send all submissions by January 1, 2007 to (or
through voicemail).
  I encourage you to submit to Synapse at any time, but we hope to get
this specific article/section on the web by the end of 2006.

 Contact me if you have any questions – or
617-948-4352.  As a member of the YRUU community (in various roles) for more
than 8 years, I care a lot about this organization and want to create space for
every person to be heard, no matter your involvement or style of expression.  I
have been extremely lucky to work with and learn from many of you over the

 In community,


Youth Ministry Associate, Youth Office,
22-year-old former YRUU youth from




and the St. Lawrence

P.S. Please forward this letter to anyone you think
would like to contribute!

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