Pinoy Atheism or Religious Fundamentalism

I am learning more and more that in the Philippines you have few choices if you are outside the orthodox Catholic, Christian and Muslim religions to be meaningfully spiritual and in religious community.  The United Church of Christ Philippines is a significant presence in comparison to the Unitarian Universalist Church Philippines, but both are quite nominal in the bigger picture.

I have been reading the blogroll of Pinoy Atheists thanks to Philippine Atheists and have found a deep synergy with liberal theology of Unitarian Universalism.  Problem is, most don’t even know we exist, and the UU’s here are not connected to the internet.  In the USA there is an increase in awareness of UU thanks to the web, and perhaps this will grow in places like the Philippines.  There is a real sense of searching for truth and meaning in life, and a rejection of a God who controls our fate regardless of our free will.

Philippine Atheist talks about What You Can Do Today and not waiting for God to respond to your prayers without doing something yourself.

Be the Flame, Not the Moth reacts to news that a Catholic Theologian has declared there is no literal hell, and that Atheists may go to Heaven if they are sincere in their beliefs.  There is rejoicing in the success of reason in religion.

Free Minds questions where tithes go, to which I see a call for transparency, democracy and freedom in our congregations, something Unitarian Universalists also have questioned over the centuries.

These Filipino bloggers may not see themselves as religious, but they are commenting on religious issues and with some excellent insight and of course Philippine cultural contexts.  It has been of benefit for me in my work with the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines.


One response to “Pinoy Atheism or Religious Fundamentalism

  1. I liked the Be the Flame piece. Very interesting! I wonder how the Catholic theologian is viewed by others within the Catholic community?! Will have to do more reading ….

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