Attending CESCM’s Celebrate ’06

I’m in New Orleans this weekend for the quadrennial Council of Ecumenical Student Christian Ministries conference.  This year it is called Celebrate, with the theme of Waters of Faith…Deltas of Change.  We’ll be touring the city tommorow in preparation for working in the community on Saturday.  I hope to make connections here with other religious professionals, see the state of affairs of Protestant campus ministry (and there are 150 Catholics here), and participate in interfaith/ecumenical discussions and worships.  Tonight I’ll be attending Compline by the Episcopal Church.  I hadn’t heard of Compline before, the flyer says "A short prayer service…is the final monastic office of the day.  In this service we pray for protection through the night.  This is our preparation for sleep, and to meet God, should we die while sleeping."  Interesting, a little morbid, but maybe that is just my overacting imagination. 

I had dinner with a nice group of students from Philadelphia and across New Mexico.  We shared about the Red Tent, Dan Brown, Jazz Theology (as we prepare for a great musical service this evening), and nondenominationalism.  I’m excited, although a little nervous about meeting people, as there seems to be little formal small group opportunities.  I’m going to seek out a couple of colleagues I’ve only met over the phone, Kimberly Whitney of UCC and Brad Lyons of CESCM (and Disciples maybe?).  I already saw Right Rev’d Douglas Fenton from the Ecumenical Young Adult Ministries Team, he prayed to open our dinner tonight.  He hasn’t seen me yet though!


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