Finishing my MFC Packet

I have spent a hundred hours over the last two weeks preparing my ministerial fellowship committee packet for submission in mid-January.  My mind is on fire!  Four books have been with me consistently during this time.  Jesus and the Disinherited by Howard Thurman is the most well-worn.  A book that was known to influence King, and helped shape my present view of Jesus in the context of resistance and overwhelming love.  The Silent Cry: Mysticism and Resistance by Dorothy Soelle was introduced to me by Rev. Bill Gardiner and has been a writing which wonderfully articulates much of what I have felt in my religious life.  In it she quotes a book that has also been special, Black Elk Speaks.  Lastly, the Essential Clarence Skinner has been inspiring as a history lesson and in the transformation of his religious life (I have the same feeling about Henry Nelson Wieman move from Christianity to universal liberal religious), and I love his acts of ministry and the free pulpit.  You can get it for only $2 at the UUA Bookstore, at least last I checked.  Lastly, what feels a little like an obscure, but deeply profound essay by Paul Rasor entitled the Postmodern Challenge to Liberal Theology in the UU Christian Vol 58, is a terrific analysis which has helped me identify myself more clearly in our historical context.  Alas none of these are required reading on the MFC list.

I’m scheduled to see the MFC in late March upon my return from the Philippines.  The ministry here is intense, but amazing.  I feel sometimes like I am living in a paradox, between cultures, classes, languages, on the margin, as a bridge, and at times it feels heavy with all the traffic, at others it feels inspiring to be in such a privileged position.

Next week in Boston I am going to have a simple MFC prep session with a few colleagues.  I am very grateful to them for this help!


3 responses to “Finishing my MFC Packet

  1. I must get around to doing another MFC picket. . . 😉

  2. Good luck. It’s all daunting, but rewarding. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

  3. Joseph, glad that you found Paul’s essay in vol. 58 meaningful. In many ways it is also similar to the lecture he gave at the first UUCF Revival in New Orleans in 1999, and is connected and updated in his book Faith Without Uncertainty. A liberation theological critique of classical liberal theology. Speaking of MFC reading lists, I hope one of these days they put the recently completed trilogy by Gary Dorrien on that list, The Making of American Liberal Theology. On my own “Planting God Communities” blog at I have written some on the recent book in the trilogy and his inclusion of UU theologians (of course his first book in the series was full of U/U history).
    Anyway if any of your readers here want to get a copy of the UUCF Rasor postmodernism issue, full of other good stuff too, they can order it for just $5 by contacting me. On the site they can find other online deals for our books, etc.
    Tell all hi in the Philippines from me.

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