What a Year for UU Blogs

I used to checkout UUpdates.net regularly to see what was happening around the UU Blogosphere, but now, it is just too overwhelming!  I don’t know, nor have the time to get to know all the UU bloggers that are out there.  Perhaps we are ready for more niche organizing within the UU sphere, of course maintaining our theological and covenantal relationships with one another.  Serious kudos though to UUpdates for connecting us, and of course Philocrites for his annotated list of most of us.

It feels like just a year ago we had a fledgling group, some high powered yet relatively anonymous UU pros filling my mind with excellent ideas and dialogue.  It is still wonderful, but difficult for me to synthesize at this point.  Imagine incorporating the thousands of new livejournals or myspace blogs from the graduating classes of youth.  Whoa.

Still, cheers to UU’s for our writing and our vision for the world.  Clink clink


2 responses to “What a Year for UU Blogs

  1. I found the UUpdates thanks to UU World, and I think this may have something to do with the growth. 😉


  2. Well The Emerson Avenger had a kick-ass year in 2006 and things look very promising for 2007. Hopefully The Emerson Avenger will be able to relax a bit in 2008. . .

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