Volunteer in Mexico?

CASA, a Mexican Solidarity Group co-founded by Colin Bossen (soon to be Rev!) with influence from UU young adult movement, posted this announcement seeking volunteers.  I had the privilege of meeting volunteers in Chiapas last year and am always impressed by the work of Colin at putting our faith into action.

We are currently accepting volunteer applications for CASA de la Paz and
CASA Chapulin in Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico.  The CASA collectives are centers
for solidarity work and education in Mexico.   We seek to promote social justice
and sustainable development in Mexico and the U.S. and build awareness of
corporate globalization and human rights issues through first hand experiences.
The collectives address the need for international solidarity and serve as
educational spaces that allow volunteers to share skills and participate in
projects to understand global systems of injustice and resistance. CASA
faciliates the work of long term volunteers by matching the skills and interests
of volunteers with the needs of local organizations and communities.   We
provide affordable housing, resources and a space for reflection and support as
well as orientation to the Chiapas and Oaxaca contexts through a series of
workshops and discussions.
CASA Volunteers are responsible for some combination of the
-volunteer work with local partner organization
-writing articles for our monthly news and analysis bulletin
-translations for human rights organizations and other partner
-preparation for/ participation in weekly workshops designed to give
orientation socio-political context of oaxaca and chiapas
-human rights accompaniment
-participation in the general life of the collective
Our partner organizations do not align themselves with a particular
political party and aim to work appropriately in accordance with the expressed
needs of communities.   We work with organizations in many fields including
conflict resolution, potable water, organic agriculture, women´s rights,
indigenous rights, corporate globalization research, and independent media among
others.  Volunteers also participate in at least two weeks of human rights
observation in the countryside.
Volunteers must be proficient in Spanish and make a minimum commitment of
three months, (with preference given to volunteers who can commit 6 months to a
year) and complete an application found at www.casacollective.org .
For more information, visit our webpage or contact:
Diana Denham- casachapulin @ gmail.com
Chris Thomas- casadelapaz @ gmail.com

Colin Bossen
Contract Minister
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Pottstown
202.276.3579 (cell)
Flying out from
the Great
Buddha’s nose:
a swallow. —
Kobayashi Issa

One response to “Volunteer in Mexico?

  1. Hi Joseph! Hope you are well. I just saw this after JUST posting a note about voluteering in Nicaragua on my blog. Seems exciting! Hope you are well. Much peace, Elizabeth

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