Keep on Keeping on

It has been a privilege to be able to take my sabbatical from the UUA to intern minister with the UU Church of the Philippines.  I have under 3 months left here, and I’m already feeling the sadness about leaving.  I’ve been able to balance continued work (about 10 hours/week) from the Philippines, and thank technology and the internet for the ease and affordability.  I’ve been moving around a lot in the last month, from the Philippines to Portland to Chicago to New Orleans to Boston back to Chicago to the Philippines to Viet Nam and Thailand, back to Manila and to Dumaguete where I am right now.  It doesn’t feel too stressful thanks to my intense planning and what I like to call…life scripting.  I imagine

myself to be in a play, what really is a schedule of events, and I meditate about it.  Now I’m not Michael Jordan or anything in terms of envisioning high performance, ’cause I’m only 6 feet tall on a good day.  But I do believe in the power of the spirit, and in the preparation for things to come.  Perhaps one of the best lessons for me in the ministry.  I often say "this is my day of reckoning", and that has been the case a lot recently.

Left Manila to return home to Portland, taking my stepson along with me to see his dad.  Left the next day to Boston for Groundwork AR Training of Trainers planning meeting.  Went back to Portland for a week of holiday, and I saw one movie.  Science of the Mind.  Way weird, probably won’t see it again, and would only recommend it to a UU artista flic film person.  Then to New Orleans for Celebrate Student Christian Ministry conference, to Chicago to see my friend-sista and her new baby (again), and then back to Boston for more UUA work including a Communications Training, then back to Chicago for the DRUUMM Youth & Young Adults of Color Steering Committee meeting and a Sankofa UU People of Color Archive Open House at Meadville-Lombard, then to Portland and the next morning back to Manila on a 20 hour flight.  Thank god for no missed connections, in fact I even earned a free flight for getting bumped during the huge Colorado snow storms in December.

After a vacation, I had a week in Manila where I met with a handful of our UU members, and got caught up from the holidays.  Some exciting movement and news from the UU Churches here that I’ll post on MUULAT.  Now I’m in Dumaguete, had my 4th internship monthly committee meeting, and am preparing to lead 4 UU history lectures this week, a young adult leadership training, a youth leadership follow up meeting with a small group, then back to Manila/Quezon City for worship on Sunday for our new Quezon congregation.

Oh yeah, I am sleeping.


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