UU’s Overseas

I’ve been a "UU Overseas" for the last 4 months, and have 2 more months here as Intern Minister for the UU Church of the Philippines.  I haven’t been on my best behavior as blogger, and have even questioned my capacity to keep up with the attention to writing.  I must say though that a little ego-stroking does wonders for a little added dose of enthusiasm.  The UU Blog Awards have me listed as a candidate for Best Seminarian Blog, and I’m quite pickled and honored (speaking of pickles, I once dated a Steinfeld, and if you’re from the West coast, you’ll know what I mean).  Hooray for a little community building and also deeper networking.  I’ve enjoyed reading and re-reading several blogs and posts highlighted there.

I have been busy despite my absence from the blogosphere.  I just helped the UU Church here launch a new website using WordPress – www.uuphilippines.org – with kudos to Raffy, a religious geek in Metro Manila and UU sympathizer for hosting.  As you can imagine, intern ministering can be just overwhelming, and that has been the truth.  Especially when little Miyka’ela decided to start her crawling campaign.  She is 9 months, precious, bald, and looks at you with knowing eyes.  She shows a bit of her papa’s shyness too!

I’m now in Dumaguete with Lee Boeke Burke from the Partner Church Council.  We’re taking a 20 congregation tour of the island of Negros starting Friday at 5am.  It will be intense, but really a special opportunity.  I’m enjoying learning more about the PCC, and the growing international relations, which the internet has helped incredibly.  We had a feast and worship tonight to welcome Lee, and they even scored some vegi-meat for my 20 year habit.

Back to the UU Blog Awards, vote by Feb 2!  I have to say that I am still mostly addicted to family friend and newer UU convert Hafidha Sofia, and glad to have her inspiring writing to keep me company from night to night.  Go Hafidha and take that leap to writing even more regularly.  I see visions of a book.  I also have to give a shout out to friend Philocrites who personally inspired my habit of writing.  Seeing all the other excellent posts, many far more controversial and dramatic than my sometimes-boring-tame-fare, gives me ideas for really taking a stab at current cultural and political events.  Thanks UU’s for your hard work!


One response to “UU’s Overseas

  1. Aww, thanks Joseph. Give my love to Aimee. I need to see little miss luwalhati very soon!

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