As I Prepare for the MFC

I’ve found that the UUmins2b Blogger that I believe forward-thinking pastor-scholar Nathan Walker set up last year when he was preparing to meet the MFC (now consulting pastor in Staten Island) to be very centering.  I’m taking time to post my short, sometimes pithy responses (but can’t quite hold a candle to PeaceBang yet…side note: congrats on coming out blogger-style!), and find the feeling of making these answers to the list of sample questions gratifying.  One of my greatest fears is that I just don’t know enough in the intellectual and factual way, and that is of course a normal feeling and impossibility.  Those two things, normalcy and impossibility, together can create anxiety without a little bit of perspective or faith.


2 responses to “As I Prepare for the MFC

  1. Joseph … best of luck with your visit before the MFC.

    How close are you to completing all the MFC credentialing steps and getting ordained?

  2. Joseph, on Saturday March 24, 2007 there was a shift in the universe. Thanks for calling to say you had been received by the MFC with top ranking into the UU ministry. You have worked hard and diligently. So all the best to your new beginning. Love, Dad

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