“Religion is Stupid” tba Movie w/Bill Maher

I love comedy, and appreciate the study of religion in society through the lens of the Simpsons, Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live (mostly the early 90’s when I was able to stay up late), Chris Rock, and Bill Maher.  I watched Larry King Live for the 2nd time ever last week as I was preparing to transition back to USA culture, and laughed out loud (LOL) at the interview with Bill Maher.  Maher, who lambasted the "impeachable-acts" of President Bush, some of which I have missed in my time abroad, noted that he has a new film coming out this Fall 2007 about religion.  He said the title is tba, but that it might be called "Religion is Stupid" or "Is Religion Stupid", but that the answer/conclusion would be fantastic.  I believe it will be!  Definitely a provocative and somewhat demeaning title, coming from a comic I find it acceptable.  I tuned into his HBO show last night and enjoyed his political roundtable, including Jason Alexander of Sienfeld (which I guess makes it interfaith as well).  Alexander had one of the best moments of levity about gays-in-the-military.

3 responses to ““Religion is Stupid” tba Movie w/Bill Maher

  1. This movie will bash Christianity and Judaism. I bet you anything Islam won’t even be mentioned. Bill Maher is such a loser.

  2. Why wouldn’t he mention Islam? He’s never backed off on insulting islam just watch his stand up show ‘Victory Begins at Home’ where he devoted over 20 minutes to bashing Islam. Or just watch any episode of real time in the last 4 years.

  3. Ummm … I don’t really think you watch much of Maher at all. He frequently uses Islam as the CENTERPIECE of his master-argument against religions. It’s the single most-often used point he makes, over and over, to demonstrate why he feels that religion sucks overall.

    His entire Broadway special that ran before his HBO show had a segment on how Islam is the living embodiment of religious stupidity, much more so than Christianity. His exact words are “our fanatics are just funny … their’s are literally scary.”

    Have you honestly ever seen/read anything by the man that wasn’t snipped out for you by some pissed-off conservative?

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