Ministers of Color Gathering

This weekend the UUA is hosting a gathering of 50 ministers of color and seminarians of color who have achieved at least aspirant status.  (note the language of people of color is not shared equally by all participants, and my general and gentle reminder to affirm people’s racial heritage as they choose to claim and name it).

I find myself like a child on Christmas Eve, so deeply excited and almost blinded by the joy of the occasion.  There will be an amazing old school-new school gathering of people, and I feel privileged to be a part of the gathering.  Many of these people have been mentors and allies in my ministry and development, and it will be really touching to see them in person.

Ten years ago in Los Gatos CA, a gathering of this magnitude of religious professionals of color created DRUUMM.  There hasn’t been a gathering of this intensity, length and with UUA backing since.  It is really tremendous, and there are high hopes that it will happen again periodically every few years.  Kudos to the staff of Identity Based Ministries which is leading this gathering with support from other ministers of color.

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