VTU Shooting: Targeting the Asian

Bloggers are already picking up on the fact that the Virginia Tech shooter was of Asian descent (Chinese national I believe) and making declarations about how this tragedy should now be recast as "Asian Mass Murderer".  You never see "White Mass Murderer".  I also read a few xenophobic posts, i.e., yet another reason to not let in foreigners, immigrants, aka: People of Color.

Here is one for your review: Who is the Asian Mass Murderer?

This targeting of the Asian community isn’t new, and we need to recognize that  there are criminal and mental health issues that will need to be addressed within the cultural/racial context AND many other issues such as campus safety, gun control, counseling, race relations, etc, that cannot be solved by a simple ban immigrants ideology.  This is a horrible tragedy, and shame on those who use it to promote their racist creed.


8 responses to “VTU Shooting: Targeting the Asian

  1. First time post, here. I’m Af. Am., and raised with Filipino-Hawaiian influence. And yeah, I’m already feeling the anti-Asian vibe as it relates to the Va. Tech shootings.

    I know it’s in poor taste, but as soon as it began to look like a mass killing, one of my first thoughts was “please, don’t let the shooter be one of [us people of color]”. But based on “Who Is The Asian Mass Murderer” blog that that haole young lady already started, it’s probably gonna be too late. Because whether the guy is Asian American or Chinese or Korean national, it’s looking like open season on anybody not haole.

    I hope that’s not the case. But then, this is America.

  2. Yes, this bothered me too. I suppose the justification is that this is based on an eye-witness’s description of the gunman, but it is hardly helpful.

    His sex is helpful, just to get the pronouns right, but I’ll leave the rest — and analysis — for later when we have more facts.

    But I bet I know why his ethnicity is so featured. I think people assumed he was white. That’s the image in my mind’s eye, and little displaced even calling him Asian. The Exploding White Man is becoming a social archetype, and I don’t think I need to spell that out.

  3. Uh, J., don’t you think you might be helping that Coulter wannabe by linking to her site?

  4. The fact that the shooter was Asian made me notice that I had assumed the shooter would be white. Some crimes I do associate more with other races and economic stations I will admit, but shooting up a building full of people just seems like a crazy middle class white guy crime.

    That said, I am really confused about why anyone would want to call this an “Asian” anything.

    I find it interesting that people were so quick to start thinking of this as an immigration thing. A college student immigrant would likely be either intelligent or well-to-do, or both, the sort of immigrant that people who don’t like immigrants usually like best.


  5. A news source has identified that the gunman was a South Korean student named Cho Seung-hui.

    In this report, I am struck by the phrase “Police have not given a motive for the attacks.” While I condemn killing, always, I am left wondering if there is not an aspect of racism for Cho that led to this tragic response.


  6. I have read someplace that people were thinking it was over a girl, but I don’t know.

    I am disinclined to think it is directly racism since one of the victims (a professor of Indian heritage) is also Asian, but I don’t know.

    Scott’s probably smart not to be speculating.


  7. A terrible tragedy to be sure.
    Actually, this entry was even more speculative and um..stupid:
    And check out this:
    Everyone from the mainstream media to bloggers need to be responsible when reporting news.

  8. hey joseph,

    thanks for this post. i’ve been worrying about the same issues. i really appreciate your voice.

    miss you friend!
    betty jeanne

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