Campus Ministry Leader Elected To UUA Board

Justine Urbikas was elected as the Central Midwest District Trustee to the UUA Board last week.  District President Rev. Daniel O’Connell provides the highlights on his blog UUA Politics.  He states that she is likely the youngest trustee.

I’ve gotten to know Justine better through her work on the UUA Campus Ministry Advisory Committee.  She is a student representative.  Congratulations to Justine, and it will be a real important first for the community to have a true student ministry voice at the UUA Board of Trustees.

[posted with permission] 2007 UUA Trustee Candidates for Central Midwest District
Statement of Justine
Urbikas, candidate to be CMwD’s UUA Trustee

As a native Chicagoan I am
finishing up my second year at DePaul University. I am a life long UU and
started out at the Evanston congregation where I was active with the Youth
For the past three years (2004-2007) I have served as Youth Trustee to
the CMD Board, this has also placed me on the District Youth Steering
Committee. From 2005-2007 I have been a part of the Young Adult Steering
Committee for the District. Other District services include serving on the
Search Committee for a Congregational Services Director in 2006.
Since the
fall of 2006 I have been on the UU Campus Ministry Advisory Committee
which serves as the consultative and strategic body for the UUA’s Young Adult
and Campus Ministry Office. And at General Assembly 2006 I was a part of the
Campus Ministry Publicity Team,
increasing visibility of UU Young Adults and
encourage other UUs to see the connections between young adult ministry and
other aspects of UU life, faith, and ministry, and promote programs and
resources offered by the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Office.
In 2006 I
served on staff for Opus and ConCentric- the Annual Spirituality Retreat and
Business Meetings, respectively, of the Continental UU Young Adult Network-
and will be on staff again for 2007.
Through my deep commitment to
sustaining and growing the UU movement, and history in working with the
Board, I feel that in the position of CMD UUA Trustee I could perform all
the duties required by the District and UUA Board. In this position I would
not only serve as liaison
between the CMD and UUA Board, but also carry with
me the perspective of a young adult, and drive to grow the leadership of the
younger end of our faith. 
I feel that I will be able to balance the demands
of being a full time student and holding this position as I have served on
the Board and multiple committees plus additional responsibilities on top of
the duties of a student. After I finish college my plans are unclear; however,
commitment to UU endeavors is strong enough for me place them as a
priority as best I can. I do not plan to leave the Chicago area anytime soon
and therefore do not foresee any barriers in the way of my ability to serve
as UUA Trustee over the next four years.

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