Portland UU Community Ministry Retreat

UU Society for Community Ministries (SCM)

Pacific Northwest Community Ministry Retreat
June 1st and 2nd, 2007 (Friday and Saturday)
First Unitarian Church "A liberal spiritual community since 1866"
Portland, Oregon

is a Unitarian Universalist Professional Organization of ordained
clergy and laity who are committed to promoting a broad spectrum of
healing and social justice ministries.  We believe that only through
many diverse forms of ministry can Unitarian Universalism heal the
broken, create justice, and live in harmony with the spirit of life.
We hold a vision of a larger ministry that sees the world as its
parish.  Learn more about SCM at www.uuscm.org


Lay and ordained community ministers from the Pacific Northwest
and beyond are invited for two days of relationship building, spiritual
deepening, and professional development.  We hope that through sharing
our experience and learning from one another, we will strengthen the
presence of community ministry in the UUA and in the world.  The UUA is
blessed with strong community ministers and lay leadership, and this is
our first regional retreat in the PNWD since SCM was founded.  We
benefit from our connections, collective organizing, multiracial and
intergenerational relations.  We gather in relationship to the SCM Code
of Professional Practices, which identifies and guides our work as
community ministers.


In addition to morning and afternoon worship, we will have a
series of activities and exercises designed to make small group
connections and larger group learning.  We are asking members of SCM
and special guests to provide leadership during the two day retreat.
There will be time to discuss the direction and clarity of your
ministry, and to engage in an investigation of further, future
organizing as a group.  We will have an optional dinner Thursday May
31st, and the program will begin at 8am and end at 5:30pm Friday June
1st and Saturday June 2nd.


You are responsible for your own housing and transportation.
The registration fee covers Friday breakfast, lunch, Saturday breakfast
and lunch, plus materials.  We encourage you to make contact with local
connections for a homestay, or to book a hotel that is close to the MAX
lightrail and First Church Portland located at SW 12th and Salmon.  If
you are flying, the Portland Airport (PDX) is located on the MAX.  The
bus and train stations also have easy mass transit connections.  Please
contact Joseph jsantoslyons@uuma.org if you can offer/need a homestay.


We will be beginning and ending each day with formal worship.
We gather in the spirit of Unitarian Universalism, and continue to
deepen and ground ourselves with the discipline of intention and
community of fellowship.  We are seeking 4 persons to each take
responsibility for planning one 30 minute worship.  If you are willing
and able, please contact Marcia Schekel at maschekel1@cs.com by May
1st, 2007.


Please email or mail to : SCM PNWD Retreat c/o Joseph Santos-Lyons PO Box 3011 Portland OR 97208/jsantoslyons@uuma.org

Mark one: __ clergy __ laity
Are you a member of SCM? __ yes __ wish to be __ no

Full Name:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Cel Phone:

UU Congregation Affiliation:
Dietary Requirements:
Food Allergies:
Important medical conditions we need to be aware of:
Accessibility needs:

I will be arriving by: __car __ bus __ train __ plane

Upon registration you will receive detailed travel directions.

Cost: $40 USD Registration Fee
Checks payable to SCM and please note "Portland Retreat" in the memo line

Deadline: May 15th, 2007

Please tell us a little about yourself and your ministry:

Please email or mail to : SCM PNWD Retreat c/o Joseph Santos-Lyons PO Box 3011 Portland OR 97208/jsantoslyons@uuma.org


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